2014-2015 EDITION

This Issue:

  • Featured Organization: Albany Public Library
  • Aging at Home, but Not Alone: Building Caring Communities
  • in the Capital Region
  • Growing Interest in Locally Grown Food
  • Planning for Surge of Seniors
  • Waiting for the Crisis of the Moment
  • Role of Faith Communities with Our Aging Population
  • What is Special About the Albany Metro Area?
  • Guest Column: What Do the 2012 Elections Mean for Social Security

and Medicare?

  2014-2015 EDITION

This Issue:

  • Featured Organization: The Albany Institute of History & Art
  • The Changing Landscape of New York’s Long Term Services and Supports
  • Long-term Care: A Key Hallmark of the Region’s New Healthcare System
  • Program Backed by $2.5 Million Loan Fund Launched to Grow Small Businesses in the Capital Region
  • Tenders of the Legacy Flame Adirondack Community Trust
  • Personal Essay: Now, What?
  • Guest Column: Senior Advocacy Has to be Reinvigorated by Every Generation
    This Issue:
  • Featured Organization: Pine Hollow Arboretum
  • Intergenerational Relationships: Transformation Through Connection
  • Your Smartphone, Your New Healthcare Partner
  • Barriers to Aging in Place
  • The Capital District Transportation Committee's New Visions Plan: Addressing the Needs of Senior Citizens and an Aging Population
  • Personal Essay: The Guy from Cohoes and the Businesswoman
  • Guest Column: The College of St. Rose as Albany Neighbor




This Issue:

•  Featured Organization: Historic Oakwood Cemetery in Troy

•  Alice Hastings Murphy: Managing a Remarkable Life with Grace,


to the End
•  On Physician-Assisted Suicide: Getting to the Root
•  Hospice Rotation for Albany Medical College Medical Students
•  An Overview of the Family Health Care Decisions Act Ethics Review  Committee
•  How Community Hospice Works
•  Personal Essay: Push Back
•  Guest Column: How Prepared Are We for the Future? The Evolving Roles of Institutional Ethics Committees


CCQ December ''11

This Issue:
• Featured Organization: USS Slater Naval Exhibit
• Medicare, Health Reform, and the Future for Older

   Adult Health Insurance
• Everyone Needs Healthy Food
• Higher Education: Changes on the Horizon
• Personal Essay: What Caregivers Really Need: Pieces of Bread
• Guest Column: Reforming Our Nonprofit Regulatory Framework

   to Help Nonprofits Thrie


CCQ October ''11

This Issue:
• Featured Organization: Schenectady Stockade
• Pickleball: A Game for Everyone
• Senior Services of Albany
• Depressed? Finding It Hard to Go On? VA Has Your Back
• Personal Essay: This Is for the Over Fifty Generation
• Guest Column: Our Nation at a Crossroads



CCQ July '11

This Issue:
• Featured Organization: The Huyck Preserve
• Creating Livable Communities
• Innovative Service Model Responds to Aging Population
• Red Cross in Our Backyard
• An Introduction to Mourning
• New York's Fully Funded Pension System


CCQ April '11

This Issue:
Featured Organization: The Albany Pine Bush Preserve
• A Huge Issue, Yet Unseen: The Imperative of "Smart Growth" for

  Healthy Aging
• Umbrella to the Rescue
• Shared Housing: An Alternative Means to Meet a Need of Seniors
• The 2010 Census and the American Community Survey:
   Updating the Portrait of New York
• Yes, I Can
• School of Social Welfare Addresses Aging Issues in Capital Region


CCQ December '10

This issue:
• Featured Organization: Albany Rural Cemetery—This Landmark's Past     and Present
• Food Talk With My Parents
• Empowering Adirondack Communities to Help Rural Elders Age in   Place More Successfully
• Two Property Tax Relief Measures: Land Value Taxation to Stabilize and   Deferral as Provisional Tax Relief
• The "D" Word or Kicking the Bucket List
• Working to Explore How Energy Issues Impact Senior Citizens



CCQ October '10

This issue:
• Featured Organization: The Adirondack Mountain Club

• Progress in Prosecuting Financial Abuse of Older New Yorkers

• UAlbany School of Social Welfare Internships in Aging Project
  Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

• An IAP Intern's Experience

• Someday

• Teachers

• SUNY: A Key Quality-of-Life Driver for Residents of All Ages


CCQ Summer '10

This issue:
• Featured Organization: Washington Park Conservancy
• NORCs: Reinvention of How to Meet the Needs of Seniors
• New York's First Neighborhood Naturally Occurring Retirement 

  Community Underway in Albany
• New York State's Perspective on NORCs
• Death by Taxes—Are Seniors in New York Being Taxed to Death?
• Digging Up Father
•  Cohoes . . . A Community in Transformation for Generations to Follow



CCQ Spring '10

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This issue:
• Featured Organization: Saratoga National Historical Park
• Making the Move; Odyssey to Troy
• An Interview with John A. Balint, M.D.
• Eddy Village Green: Transforming Nursing Home Care
• Guiding the Emerging High-Tech Economy for Our Benefit
• Personal Essay: It Is About Talking
• Guest Column: Going Green Comes of Age

CCQ VOL. 11 Dec '09

This issue:
• Featured Organization: Troy Farmers’ Market: Our Village Green
• Smart Homes - Designing and Redesigning
   Homes for Aging in Place
• Being Aware of Hospital Discharge Barriers
• The Crucial Triad: Creating Green, Accessible,
    and Multigenerational Communities
• Birthday Reflection
• Going Local


CCQ VOL. 10 SEPT '09

This issue:
• Featured Organization: Hudson River Valley Greenway
• Solutions and Service Are Not Equal
• The Schenectady Free Health Clinic
• New Life Line in Greater Capital Region
• Rooms
• New York State—A Great Place to Grow Up and Grow Older



  CCQ VOL. 9 MAY '09

This issue:
• Proctors: Reaching to All Ages
• Cohousing as the Seed to Good Redevelopment
• Universal Design Makes Aging in Place More Possible
• A Cheap Insurance Policy for Aging in Place
• But I Have Nothing to Do!
• Meeting the Growing Demands for High Quality
   Primary Health Care



  CCQ VOL. 8 DEC '08

This issue:
• Income and Aging
• The Rites of Charitable Passage
• Dancing with Our Elders
• A Senior Lawyers Corps
• Why Stories Matter
• Making the Criminal Justice System More User Friendly


  CCQ VOL. 7 OCT '08

This issue:
• Strengthening the Connections Between People and the Land
• Looking at Life as a Set of Sequential Episodes
• Retirement Leads to Civic Engagement
• Stuff—or Thoughts on Downsizing
• The State Bar Association Plans to Face the Needs of Senior Lawyers Facing   the Prospect of Retirement


  CCQ VOL. 6 JULY '08

This issue:
• The Nature Conservancy: Protecting the Capital District’s Ecological Treasures
• An Intergenerational Community in the Capital District
• Re-Thinking, Re-Inventing, Re-Connecting
• Dignifi ed Transportation for Seniors
• The Rub
• Safe and Comfortable Homes for All


  CCQ VOL. 5 APRIL '08

This issue:
• Saratoga P.L.A.N.
• Demographic Forces Shaping the Supply and Demand for Elder Caregivers
• Encouraging Trends in Caregiver Support
• Caregiving . . . and the Workplace
• A Capital Region Forum on Women’s Health and Intergenerational Caregiving
• Caregiving . . . It Challenges One’s Strength and

  Forces Tough Decisions
• Caregivers of Our Community


  CCQ VOL. 4 DEC '07

This issue:
• Historic Albany Foundation
• Impact of the Aging Population on the Health Workforce in the United States • Guardianship—Stopping Financial Exploitation in its Tracks
• Help Me!
• Long Term Care Strategies for Our Senior Population


  CCQ VOL. 3 OCT '07

This issue:
• RiverSpark: A Living Park
• Preparing the Next Generation for Life in an Aging Society
• Making Transit More Attractive for Seniors
• My Personal Tapestry
• This Game of Medical Gossip


  CCQ VOL. 2 JULY '07

This issue:
• Grandparents: From Kinship Caregivers to Global Advocates for Children
• What Goes Into Regionalism
• A Committen of One
• Protecting Human Health in Neighborhoods and Communities


  CCQ VOL. 1 APRIL '07

This issue:
• Aging Through Technology: Market Opportunities and Linkages
• Lessons Learned about Nonprofit Sector from Austin, Texas
• Act Now: Accessory Dewelling Units Can Aid in Intergrenerational    Housing
• Changes in Suburban Land Use Pattern